Acrobats for hire – Ireland, Acrobats and Aerialists for hire, Aerial Vertical Wall Dancers, Aerial Silks performing Acrobatics, Contortion, Limbo dancing, Fire performance and Juggling in spectacular fashion! We provide Acrobatics, Aerialists, Wall dancers, Contortionists, Jugglers, Limbo dancers and Fire performers throughout Ireland.

Aerialists for hire – Aerial artists
We provide bespoke shows for high-end events that want add a touch of class and a unforgettable experience for your guests. From complete shows to individual solo acts, we offer the most creative spectacles to make your event very special.

Aerial Silks : Grand Entrances : Duo Slings : Trapeze : Cyr Wheel : Vertical Wall Dance, Contortion

We offer corporate entertainment shows with a keen focus on striking grand openings with a big ‘WOW’ factor creating an impact leaving your guests amazed! Intertwining aerial and ground based shows with powerful live music make for the most memorable experience for your guests.

Aerial Performers
Aerial Hoop
Aerial Silks
Rope/Corde Lisse
Trapeze Artists
Ground Based Performers
Duo Acrobatics
Hoola Hoop
Juggling, Poi, Staff

Vertical Wall Dance
Grand public performances for openings or product launches performed on the side of a tall building. A truly unforgettable and inspirational performance, Vertical Wall Dance is an emerging dance form in which the wall becomes a floor, our performance defies gravity in this amazing show. Best performed on the outside of buildings for a public gathering.

Price From € POA Depending on location

Areas Covered

Ireland – UK – International

Acrobats for hire – Ireland

Acrobatics, Contortion, Juggling, limbo dancing and lots of comedy is just a taster of what this show is, a non-stop array of acrobatic skills from start to finish. These Acrobats offer a 30 minute high energy, professional highly talented acrobatics show, enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Often leaving their audiences in disbelief but guaranteeing good humour, fun and bundles of laughter. These acrobats perform mind-boggling manoeuvres and unbelievable acrobatics complete with wide grins.

They have performed across Ireland and parts of Europe to their audience’s delight. As performers they are very versatile and can offer you a bespoke act tailored specifically to any special theme you might have. Past themes include Latino, Burlesque and Swing. Even better, their show is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Limbo Dancing
Watch them as they pass under the flaming limbo bar as the bar gets…lower…lower…lower! Remember, it’s up to you to say how low the bar goes so if you want it to be lower all you have to do is shout!
Limbo dancing as you have never seen it before! The bar gets lower until it is impossible for any human being to fit under it…or is it?

Price From € 750.00 Depending on location

Areas Covered

Ireland – UK – International

What they offer:

Hoop Diving
Chinese Pole
Rope Skipping
Hat Juggling

They deliver performances with style and comedy and an all-round feelgood factor, crafting their show to suit the audience preferences and tastes. They’ll do it your way and your guests will go home with some great astounding memories!

Bendy Burlesque and Contortion Act.

Flexible Contortionist: Solo Performer performs 3 sets of 5 minutes with a huge showcase of flexibility and burlesque dance.

Bendy burlesque dance routin. Huge showcase of flexibility, strength and performance. Something to wow the crowd!

Perform 3 sets of 5 mins.

Price From € POA Depending on location

Areas Covered Dublin – Ireland, UK – Internationally

Can mix and match performance styles for the night including…

Walkabout Burlesque: Beautiful Hollywood style red feather fan walkabout that interacts and welcomes the crowd on arrival. Mingles with the crowd throughout night and stays in character as 1920’s burlesque bombshell.

Aerial Hoop: Solo performer performs 3 sets of 5 minutes, exceptional flexibility, strength and performance showcased with each performance.

Flexible Contortionist: Solo Performer performs 3 sets of 5 minutes with a huge showcase of flexibility and burlesque dance.

Performances can be altered and catered for a particular style/themed party.