Fire Breathers for hire – Fire Eaters – Fire Performers

Fire Breathers for hire – Fire Eaters – Fire Performers – Ireland

Our Irish Fire Breathers for Hire also known as Fire Eaters and Fire Performers are available for Events, Fire Eating, Body Burning, Flame Licking, Arabian Themed Parties, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Weddings and Private parties.

Wedding fire performers for hire for weddings, corporate events and parties
We can also include drummers with our performers which has an amazing
effect providing a spectacular show. Take a look at our video on the right>>>
Wedding Show
Bringing you the Ultimate in professional fire show through a variety of stunning fire performances.
Be prepared for a full choreographed show set for any event, venue or function, filled with mind blowing fire stunts and tantalising tricks.
Your guests will witness stunning fire jugglers, fire eaters and fire acts, they will perform the most breath taking show leaving your guests wanting more!

For the fire performance, they offer two options:

1. The first is a ‘seen and not heard’ display, where the performers are stationed on each side of the entrance, red carpet, or even outside a venue window. This option is more about seeing the fire in the background, or as a welcoming spectacle as guests arrive to the venue. This is better suited for corporate events, but can work well for weddings too.

2. The second option is in their opinion the best for weddings. It consists of 2 fire performers and 2 drummers, and is more of a ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, gather round!’ type show.

An example of how this could work: Once dinner, dessert and speeches are over, the guests are told there is a surprise waiting for them in the garden. They begin to head out when they hear the faint sound of drumming, and follow the music to see two of the fire performers encouraging people out, holding flaming torches. Once everyone is outside, the show begins! Lots of fire blasts, fire spinning (using fire poi and fire staff, fire eating, fire breathing, and a whole load of banter. Fire tools used will depend on the performers on the night, but all are very well trained, with years of experience!

The show normally lasts for 20 min, but it really depends on the audience… whatever creates the biggest ‘wow factor‘. For example, recently they had an extremely lively crowd that mocked and boo’d when they were ending the show and cheered for more, so they continued for another 10 mins. In contrast, they have had shows where the perfect ending time was roughly 15 mins, as it was an older audience, more conservative, so short and sweet gave the highest impact! On request, they can organise to have a few pictures taken with a few giant fire breaths behind the happy bride and groom!

This show works best right after the meal/before the partying.
If you would like more fire performers or drummers, we can arrange that too… they had a bride hire six fire performers for her wedding! It was a huge show, but to be honest with you, the package above is a great option.

With regards to the weather – They have performed in rain, sleet and snow, so no matter what we will be able to perform. The most important thing is to make sure your guests are dry. Almost every venue will have some sort of gazebo or giant outdoor umbrellas which they use to keep all the smokers dry, and honestly, a venue will do anything to keep the bride and groom happy, so just ask them and they will make sure to keep everyone dry. Either way, they will give you a fantastic show.

They are currently the only one of few fire performers in ROI with fully public liability insurance, and can produce documents for the venue if necessary.

Fully choreographed sequences and exquisite costumes. For full impact, they can provide full choreographed routines with up to 5 performers.

Price From € POA Depending on location


These Fire Breather Performers also known as Fire Dancers and Fire Jugglers are available for hire and are great for indoors or out, Whatever your requirements these Fire Performers will add that “BIG WOW” factor to any occasion.

These artists also can offer sets as freestyle dancers or Podium Dancing, Bar Shoes, or even book them as Promotion Girls or Guys.

They combine danger and glamour creating a super hot addition to your event. They offer a variety of shows from snake dancing to jaw-dropping fire shows as well as pole and podium dancing.

Their wardrobe something of a spectacle itself with exotic stunning costumes.

They can tailor their act to any event from Arabian themed parties, Weddings and Barmitzvah’s to Corporate Events and Club Night promotions.

When it comes to their set/s duration, they work very hard and either 3 x 10 minute sets or a massive “full on” 25 minute set.

They are happy to be flexible and make your night work for you.

Their fire breathers can work indoors or outside although the snake dancer doesn’t like outdoors in the winter as it has to be kept warm.


Bringing you the highest standard of professional entertainment through a variety of stunning and breath-taking acts.

Prepare for a full choreographed show set for any stage, venue or event, filled with mind blowing fire stunts and tantalizing tricks! Your audience will be witnessed to stunning dancers who fire eat, fire breathe and perform the most breathtaking aerial acts! All acts are performed in hand made couture costumes. When these sexy sirens come together it is explosive; Parisian chic ‘Crazy Horse’, meets UK grime and what you get is their unique and raw style. Expect quirkiness, originality, sex appeal and entertainment like you have never seen before.

From nightclubs to high class corporate events we have dancers to suit all occasions. Choreographed sequences and one of a kind exquisite costume. For full impact, they can provide full choreographed dance routines with up to 5 performers.

Burlesque dancers
A full choreographed Burlesque show set for any stage, venue or event.

This act includes:
Group choreographed burlesque routine
Aerial hoop performance
Burlesque fire routine
Burlesque shoe routine

Show girls
At Steppin Out we provide stunning show girl hosts.  Our hosts will greet your guests as they arrive, providing photo opportunities in our unique spectacular costumes.  Or why not book our show girl dancers to perform choreographed routines.

Price From € POA Depending on location

Steppin Out UK

A powerful momentum giver to any event, with an explosion of awesome rhythms and beats, the noise of percussion pulsating in the air will be as spectacular to listen too as it is to see.

Meet & Greet
What better way to greet your guests then a line of ferocious drummers! Bringing excitement from the get go, there really is no better way to kick start an event. They are also open to work with other entertainers, bringing them into the fold, be it jugglers, fire breathers or stilt walkers. Don’t hesitate to ask for more, they are happy to oblige all requests.

Mobile Show
In need of ushering people from one event to the next? Why not have a platoon of blistering drummers lead the way! A dynamic and exciting way to link events and a sure fired way to make sure the pace never lets up.

Having 6 Celtic warriors set up in the middle of your dance floor and start playing is one definite way to amaze and captivate your clientele with something unique and unforgettable. Certain to get everyone pumped up and ready to dance the night away!

They are more than happy to collaborate with any other performers you may have hired on the night. For example, we often work alongside our Irish Dancers, providing the music for their routines. A highlight of such a show being a percussive battle between drummers and dancers. Other forms of entertainment can be folded into our performances with some coordination, be it fire breathers or jugglers, they can create something spectacular and unique. They can also provide extra percussion elements with DJ’s or live bands, adding to the elation of live music!

Sporting Events
Let them open your sporting event or provide half-time entertainment, their passion is sure to drive the crowd to feverish levels!

The perfect event for a platoon of battle hardened drummers. Always sure to draw a crowd, they know how to get people moving!

What they supply
They have a wide range of percussion instruments, and can supply you with a choice of Steel finished drums, or a natural wood finish. All drums are cared for meticulously, and great attention is payed to fine tuning them for the maximum sonic experience.

When they arrive at a venue they take care to keep out of sight as much as possible. The element of surprise always lends to the wow factor of an entertaining night.

All of our drummers take care to dress appropriately for your event, they like to look professional even out of costume. They rehearse regularly and are constantly driven to keep their skills razor sharp.

Part of what makes them so good is that they are all enthusiastic patrons of percussion.

It’s who they are, it’s what they do. It’s their life. There love.

Price From € POA Depending on location

Areas Covered

Ireland – International

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