Pole Dancers for hire – Podium Dancers

Pole Dancers for Hire, Podium Dancers for Club Promotions, Parties, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Weddings and Private Parties.

Professional Pole and Podium Dancers for hire

Pole dancers for hire – Our female Pole Dancers and female and male podium dancers provide a fantastic show!
They can be hired to perform a complete show including demonstrations or as podium pole dancers to dance throughout the night, entertaining clubbers until the early hours of the morning!
Pole dance is a form of performing art, a combination of dance and gymnastics. It involves dancing and performing acrobatic tricks with a vertical pole and is an increasingly popular form of fitness and dance.
Pole dance requires significant strength, flexibility and endurance. Pole dance involves athletic moves such as climbs, spins, and body inversions using the limbs to grip. Upper body and core strength are required in order to attain proficiency, and rigorous training is necessary.

As well as Pole and Podium dancing the can also perform as Shooter Girls, Fire Breathers, some as Snake Dancers or as Promotion Girls.

They combine danger and glamour creating a super hot addition to your event. They offer a variety of shows from snake dancing to jaw-dropping fire shows as well as pole and podium dancing.

Their wardrobe something of a spectacle itself with exotic stunning costumes.

They can tailor their act to any event and are happy to be flexible and make your night work for you and will also include meet and greet, pose for photos with guests and generally mix and mingle amongst guests.

Their firebreathers can work indoors or outside although the snake
dancer doesn’t like outdoors in the winter as it has to be kept warm.

Price From

Pole Dancers €200.00
Podium Dancers €200.00
Depending on location

Areas Covered

Dublin, Meath, Ireland – UK – Internationally