Mauritian Sega Dancers for hire

Mauritian Sega Dancers for hire from the UK

Vibrant dance from Mauritius, the Caribbean, South America and Africa, let’s share this wonderful global dance.

Taste of the Mauritian Sega dancers for hire (Pronounced Saygah). The Sega is a dance which originated from the ritual music of Madagascar and the mainland of Africa, and it is the Musical Expression of the Mauritian Way of Life, Joy, Carefree and Lively.

Today the Sega and its beat are a part of every Mauritian’s life.


The dance itself is the rhythmic swaying of the hips to the pulsating rhythm of the Ravane. It starts with a gentle swaying, to a slow and solemn tune, which gradually rises, consuming the dancers and setting their bodies jerking, stretching and swaying with animated movements to keep pace with the ever-increasing tempo. The beat creeps inside you and as your body responds to the rhythm, you are carried to heights of ecstasy, generating a vibrating force that shakes the “lead” off your feet and inspires you to a high-spirited and unrestrained way of dancing. Tiring perhaps, but exhilarating! Never mind if your movement does not follow the rhythm … just carry on dancing and you will be amazed how rhythm and movement synchronize afterwards.

A few hints for dancing the sega

The man usually stands in the dancing area with hands on the hips waiting for the girl to shuffle towards him, wiggling, hip-balancing and waving a colourful handkerchief invitingly. Then the partners face each other with a waist-and-shoulder grasp and … the improvisation starts.

(i) Just let yourself go — as long as you do not step on your partner’s feet!

(ii) When you hear “En Bas! En Bas!” (Down, Down) bend your knees and lower your body gently downwards while swaying your hips to the rhythm.

(iii) We do not advise the women to wear mini-skirts. A colourful full- length patterned skirt and blouse is preferable.

(iv) Men are free in their choice of costumes. Open-neck or bushshirt will do, but formal wear can be a handicap.

We do hope you will enjoy the Sega.

4-10 Dancers available with Drummers

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