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Burlesque Dancers for hire – Ireland

Classy, sophisticated Burlesque Dancers for hire, these Ireland based Burlesque dancers are available for Events in Ireland, the UK and abroad. From Club and Pub Promotions, Stag and Hen Parties, Corporate Events, Conferences, Stage Shows and Private Parties. We also offer Solo Burlesque Peformers for hire.

Burlesque Performers : Fire Breathers : Showgirls : Hostesses
Bringing you the highest standard of professional entertainment through a variety of stunning and breath-taking acts.

Prepare for a full choreographed show set for any stage, venue or event, filled with mind blowing fire stunts and tantalising tricks! Your audience will be witnessed to stunning Burlesque dancers who fire eat, fire breathe and perform the most breathtaking aerial acts! All acts are performed in hand made couture costumes. When these sexy sirens come together it is explosive; Parisian chic ‘Crazy Horse’, meets UK grime and what you get is their unique and raw style. Expect quirkiness, originality, sex appeal and entertainment like you have never seen before.

From nightclubs to high class corporate events we have dancers to suit all occasions. Choreographed sequences and one of a kind exquisite costume. For full impact, they can provide full choreographed dance routines with up to 5 performers.

Burlesque dancers
A full choreographed Burlesque show set for any stage, venue or event.

This act includes:
Group choreographed burlesque routine
Aerial hoop performance
Burlesque fire routine
Burlesque shoe routine

Show girls
We provide stunning show girl hosts. Our hosts will greet your guests as they arrive, providing photo opportunities in our unique spectacular costumes. Or why not book our show girl dancers to perform choreographed routines.

Price From € POA Depending on location

Areas Covered Ireland, UK – Internationally

What exactly is burlesque?
Burlesque is a type of performance bringing together a sizzling dance style with elaborate vintage costumes, cool retro tunes and a lot of sassy fun!

Burlesque as an entertainment art form evolved from the late 19th century through to the “bump and grind” era of the 1940s and 50s. In burlesque’s heyday (those golden days before television, when people had to go out to be entertained) burlesque was a grand affair! A burlesque show combined live music, comedians, variety acts, a chorus line and of course, glamorous burlesque headliners, in an elegant theatre with a full orchestra, grand sets and elaborate costumes! A burlesque queen in this golden era would enchant with her beauty, delight with her dance, and captivate her audience with the art of the tease!

Burlesque died out in the 1960s, as the sexual revolution transformed gender norms and sexual taboos, and full nudity and explicit pornography flooded the market, but it was revived in the 1990s as a post-modern movement by women for women. The neo-burlesque movement champions the natural beauty, glamour and sex appeal of women of all ages, shapes and sizes. In particular, neo-burlesque performers around the world have adopted the aesthetics of the 1940s and 50s, embracing the womanly curves denied by modern popular culture. Today’s burlesque is a sugar-coated approach to sexuality, bringing mystery, allure, fantasy and glamour back to the stage

Burlesque takes many different manifestations, as varied and unique as the many individuals who strut the burlesque stage. Burlesque is not a dance form that you need to conform to, but a dance form that moulds to your individual tastes, style and body type. Burlesque is for everyone! Your personality, your body type, your musical instincts and your personal inspirations will influence your particular brand of burlesque.

What is the difference between Burlesque and stripping?
The main difference between burlesque and stripping is the idea of the tease. Stripping is simply about revealing nudity, whereas burlesque is an entertainment art, based around dance, musicality and the art of the tease. For instance, in the time that it would take your average strip-act to have removed the entirety of their clothing, a Burlesque performer may have only just finished peeling off her satin glove.

Burlesque also evolved alongside vaudeville and cabaret, so it has an entertainment focus that is missing in stripping. Burlesque is often light-hearted, involving comedy, parody or theatrical elements. And of course, modern burlesque celebrates real women with real bodies. Burlesque is about vintage glamour, sophistication, spectacular entertainment and a little bit of fantasy!

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