Bollywood Dancers For hire – Ireland

Top Class Bollywood Dancers for hire, these Ireland based Bollywood Dancers are available for Events in Ireland, the UK and abroad. From Weddings, Corporate Events, Conferences, Stage Shows and Private Parties. They offer pure Bollywood Dances including Classical, Contemporary, Fusion or Modern. Also available Solo Bollywood Dancer. 

Bollywood Explained
Bollywood is one of the largest producers of films in the world and is renowned in particular for it’s dancing. The ingredients of Bollywood dance include: classical Indian dance, Indian folk dance and western dance styles such as Hip hop, Jazz and Flamenco. Throw in a dash of drama, passion and glamour and you have Bollywood!

Our Bollywood Dance Group are based in Ireland and aim to introduce this unique dance style and fuse all of the above dance styles so that everyone can experience the energy of Bollywood dance! They perform regularly at festivals and events nationwide and are available for Corporate Events, Weddings, Asian Parties, Private Parties, Conferences and Promotions.

What they offer:

We offer duets and group performances.

2 Dancers – 2 Dances 
Total dance time at around 10 min – from € 250.00

Add additional dancers ( between 1 and 5) + €100.00
(includes possible costume change, depending on styles and songs selected)

2 Dancers – 2-4 Dances
Total dance time at around 20 min – from € 350.00

Add additional dancers ( between 1 and 5) + € 100.00
(Includes at least 1 costume change)

2 Dancers – 3+ Dances
Total Dance time 30 min – from € 450.00
No additional charges for more dancers
(includes at least 2 costume change)

Other offers:

Animation inviting guests up for some audience interaction including “freestyle” dancing which lasts between 10 – 30 minutes.

Music can be provided by the dancers or the host of the event.

Performance duration depends on the motivation of the guests. If there is no interest they will stop after their sets.

Workshop: A short routine ( adults or children of any age) Between 30 minutes and 1 hour

They can also perform to specific song requests if they have at least one month to prepare.

With many years of individual stage experience these two Bollywood dancers teamed up in 2013 to show the variety that Indian dance has to offer on the Irish stage.

Performing for big events such as Dublin Diwali, charity diners, private parties and restaurant events, and much more, they have everything you need to make your event a hit.

With aiming for a high standard in their choreography and a variety of dance styles they will make sure to entertain your guests.

They can tailor their program fit into the atmosphere of your party, more sophisticated mellow songs or high energy performances with audience interaction providing motivation for guests to join in with the dance routines.

Areas Covered

UK – Ireland – International