Irish Fusion Dancers

Irish Fusion Dancers

These Irish Fusion dancers are a progressive performance dance company. Since 2013 they have branched away from what has become the typical Irish dance experience in order to evolve into a modern dance troupe while still preserving their traditions. The inventiveness in their choreography has continued to grow and they have now established themselves worldwide working intensively in their production, creation and delivery of unique projects. With their message of ‘Creativity and Inclusion’ they offer a range of projects to include dancers of all ages.
This unique Irish Dance group have dance crews in both the UK & Ireland and present Irish Dance with a fusion of other styles, percussive instruments & variety of music styles.
Their performances can range from 5-20 minutes and can be adapted to suit a range of events.

Each dancer in the crew is a leader in their respective field who has been trained to combine multiple high-energy dance disciplines. All of these dancers are either World champions, ex-stars of Riverdance, or even Guinness World record holders.
With innovation to the extreme; their advanced video technology, breath taking choreography and a limitless range of music collaboration will blow you away.

With their viral success they are committed to using this platform to endorse and create campaigns to benefit others to expose awareness of important issues which affects us all.
The Irish Fusion dancers crew is made up of 30 plus professional dancers, 20 plus musicians and 300 plus students around the world where they provide entertainment for multiple corporate performances, festivals and video campaigns. The dancers are extensively trained in Irish dance, but are also skilled in many other dance forms such as Tap, Contemporary and Body Percussion. The presentation of the Irish Fusion dancers performances are renowned for the uniqueness in approach to their choreography, inclusion of stunning imagery and the fusion of both modern and traditional Irish music.

This versatile cast has multiple routines that are suitable for a wide variety of events, from intimate venues or weddings, to larger corporate & festival performances.
The cast is also built from ex Riverdance & Lord of the Dance leads, World Champions and Guinness record holders with an all star cast.
It’s been quite a few years for them building this up from scratch, they now have one of the biggest and most recognisable communities and brands in the World of Irish Dance. They fully expect it to keep growing too!
They have performed on shows such as ‘The Late Late Show RTE1, Nolan live BBCNI, Fleadh Tv, Bloc TV4 and this the third year in a row performing at the CLRG Irish Dance World Championships.

Prices vary depending on show and travel

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